Monday, January 2, 2012

New Year- New buddy

This is my new friend Baily, we got to play at the beach together!


  1. hi! came across your site when researching about life with dogs in hk! would love to know of the names of the beaches and walking areas you are taking penny to, me and my dog recently relocated to hk from sydney and I felt urged to start a blog too! big hug to penny x

    1. Hi we usually take Penny to Shek-O beach by taxi since uses won't allow her. There are two beaches there, the main beach and we take her to the far left so as not to bother anyone and they usually pay us no attention and the BBQ pit owners etc love her so it is not a emblem (though it does get quite crowded in the summer and too hot for Penny without an umbrella and plenty of water - even so we don't stay too long). There is another beach behind the bus stop that is not really monitored so we take Penny there (lower photo) even though it gets a bit of flotsam..hope that helps!