Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Raining season in Hong Kong

It has been raining, I mean downpour of rain. Everywhere we look outside looks like this... It is challenging to even go out to do my business 3 times a day.
So, I have been pretty board at home taking naps.

(Hong Kong weather is so unpredictable and apparently the city weather warnings can be issued for; black rain, direct-hit typhoons, extreme heat, thunderstorms and landslides, but most of time we get sunshine for plenty of the year!)

香港では雨期になりました。ずっと雨が降っているというわけではなく、降る時は外に一歩も出れないぐらいの豪雨になり、とまり、また豪雨になるという繰り返しです。外にトイレ行くのも大変! やはり亜熱帯気候ですね。

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